General Rules Cosplay Walk On/Walk Off (ENG)

Last updated on: 27-08-2019

  • Registration for this competition is free for everyone. Registrations will only be rejected if the organisation feels that the cosplay has not been created by the participating cosplayer, if the form has been filled in incompletely or if the cosplay is irrelevant to the show. There is a registration limit of 24 cosplayers per show.
  • The cosplay competition uses one category with a first, second and third prize winner. This category includes a Walk on/Walk off show with the theme General Gaming/ Geek.
  • Use of your own audio/video material is not possible with this contest. The organisation will support the show by using a themed audio track.
  • The cosplay with which you register must be made on as many aspects and points as possible by yourself.
  • Leading up to the start of the cosplay contest the judges will take a closer look at all the costumes for an extensive quality check backstage. No decisions will be made about potential winners yet, this will happen during the show itself. The time at which the pre-judging will take place will be communicated to all participants well in advance.
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons (real, replica or model weapons). Cosplay weapons are allowed as long as it is only used as part of the cosplay and as long as it is obvious that this is a prop. Cosplay weapons must be in accordance with the Dutch Weapons Act.
  • As long as your costume hasn’t won a prize during a major cosplay competition (read: a competition with a decent cash prize of more than €75, physical prizes with a minimum price worth of € 150 or a qualification for an international competition), you’re allowed to participate with this costume.
  • We offer the option to get dressed backstage. There will be spaces available including mirrors for both men and women. Here you can also safely leave your belongings during the competition.
  • It’s always annoying when your cosplay breaks, so we will offer the cosplayers the opportunity to perform quick repairs, if the schedule and time allow it. We try to be as prepared as possible, but can’t guarantee that we have the materials to be able to repair any defect. If you want to be sure, bring your own repair tools
  • Judging and rating your costume will be based on a few points, determined by the current panel of judges. The most common points are general quality, execution of the show, finishing of details and faithfulness to the source material.
  • Cosplayers are free to make their cosplay as ‘’crazy’’ as possible. If necessary, we will help you on stage.
  • A costume may not be a danger to the general safety of yourself or other people. Absolutely no nude, obscene or offensive costumes. We want to keep the contest and the time at the venue for the participating cosplayers as  pleasant as possible.
  • The format in which we hold the competition is a ’Walk on/ Walk off Catwalk performance’. One by one the cosplayers will show off their costume on stage.                    The cosplayers are free to decide on the interpretation they want to give to their moment in the spotlights. There is no time for complete acts, so keep this in mind.
  • We organize gaming events, so we recommend basing your cosplay on gaming/geek culture. We will generally disapprove of cosplays from portraying an OC or fan art.
  • The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony will take place as soon as the judges have made a decision. This is usually half an hour after the show has closed, but there’s no fixed time attached to this.
  • During pre-judging it’s desirable to let the judges do their thing with the cosplayer they’re judging at that time. Sabotage and/or disruptive actions will be disapproved of and in the worst case can lead to disqualification. Give them all the room they need.