General Rules Cosplay Acts (ENG)

Last updated on: 19-06-2019

General rules

  • The Cosplay Acts Contest is a cosplay competition where you will be judged by your performance on stage. The quality of the costume and the resemblance to the source material will be taken into account as well during judging.
  • All participants must be at least 16 years of age. Participants under 18 years must need their parent/guardian to sign a declaration of participation and hand it to the organisation.
  • The duration of an act on stage will be limited to a maximum of 2 (two) minutes.
  • All referential materials/ video files/ audio files et cetera need to be submitted to Duh-Events before the end of a to be determined time and date.
  • All characters represented by contestants must come from existing characters in Anime, Manga, Video Games, Animation Movies or similar others. Fan Arts or OCs are not allowed.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make use of firearms or similar, excluding replicas.
  • Any kind of attitude and comments of racist or offensive nature are expressly prohibited.
  • All participants must cooperate with the organization in a positive way by following their directions, ensuring the success of the Cosplay Contest. Any incorrect conduct, including delays, inappropriate language, conflicts between participants, among others, may be considered in the jury evaluation and may even lead to disqualification.
  • Entering and leaving the stage must be done via the designated access places.
  • Concerning the Cosplay shows at DreamHack Rotterdam: The winners of the walk on/walk off Cosplay competition on Saturday will be excluded from a winning candidate participation in the Acts Performance show on Sunday. If you’ve signed up for both competitions and you manage to win the competition on Saturday, you will not be able to win any prizes on Sunday. Participating for fun with the winning costume is still allowed as well as dropping out of the competition, but we will also accept a last minute change of costume if you still wish to participate for a prize.

Costumes and performance

  • A minimum of 60% of the costume and accessories used during this competition must be made by the participants themselves. If used accessories are bought they need to be customized by the cosplayer. Preferably we ask of you to create as many aspects of your cosplay yourself as much as possible.
  • Participants may use 30 seconds to make the stage ready for their performance. After performing you’ve got 30 seconds to leave the stage (including taking the placed accessories).
  • Causing a delay on both the performance and the preparation will mean a point reduction on your final score, with 0,5 reduction per 30 seconds delay.
  • The time used for preparation, performing and breaking down will be timed by the organization.
  • The performance starts when the background music starts or when the stage manager gives the GO-signal.
  • The performance does not officially end until the cosplayer thanks the audience.
  • For the Cosplay Acts Contest only the use of English audio is allowed.
  • It’s not allowed to use liquid or sticky materials, as well as accessories or objects that may endanger the safety of other participants, the audience, the judges or others. This includes objects such as fireworks, firearms, fire extinguishers, sharp objects, abrasive and corrosive solvents and other acidic or damaging substances.
  • The organization will provide two people who can assist with placing props on the stage. After this placement, only cosplayers are allowed to handle the props.
  • When participants choose to use the help of two staff members when placing props and / or accessories, the participant is also responsible for all risks and possible accidents. The build up time will always remain 30 seconds; the set is prepared by the cosplayers or assisting crew members.
  • It will not be possible to use scenarios or props that must be attached to existing setups (nailed, glued, hung etc. to walls or other parts of the stage). All background materials and props must be easily transportable and portable, so that construction can be done quickly and easily.
  • The maximum dimensions allowed for usable scenarios are 2m wide x 2.5m high x 2m deep, and can be divided into a maximum of three parts.
  • By scenario we mean everything that is on stage before the start of your performance. Accessories are all objects that are used and transported by the cosplayers during the performance.
  • The organization is not responsible for possible accidents that could occur during the performance of participants.
  • The organization can and may inspect and examine the presentation of participants at all times to see if it follows the rules of the competition. If one does not meet this requirement, the cosplayer can be disqualified.


  • Participants must have submitted the following documents before a to be determined time and date: Cosplay photo, screen content (video or photo) and music/sound file.
  • The winner of the Cosplay Acts Contest will be interviewed and filmed, with and without cosplay.
  • Each cosplayer must bring two copies (CD or USB) of the audio or video files that will be used during the show.
  • During the pre-judging, before the start of the show, the judges will evaluate the participants’ cosplays and give them a score. Not only the quality and complexity of the construction of the suit will be considered, but also the number of details.
  • During the performance of the acts the jury will give points based on the performance of the clothing and the similarity of the costume compared to the original (similarities between the costume and the source material).
  • The overall rating of each competitor will be based on clothing (30%), performance of the act (40%) and resemblance to the original (30%).                        a) When evaluating the costume, the following aspects are taken into account: confection/finishing, details, accessories and other applications used.         b) By performance we mean the interpretation of the character (but also the personality of the original character) and the quality of the performance. c) The resemblance to the source will be rated by the similarity of the costume made and the reference material supplied.                             
  • The judges may always request a re-enactment of an act when there is doubt about a cosplayer, or when no decision can be made.
  • The rating of the participants will be based on the 1 to 10 system for all rateable components.
  • The winners of the Cosplay Acts Contest will be determined by this overall rating.
  • Decisions in case of a tie will be made based on the sum of the assigned scores:
  • a) In case of a tie, the cosplayer with the highest score in performance will be crowned the winner.
  • b) If a tie still exists after this, the highest score given at the costume confection/finishing point will be the deciding factor.
  • c) If a tie still exists after this, the organization of the event will determine what score counts. This all counts for every other place when no decision can be made by the judges.