General Rules Competitions (ENG)

General Rules Duh-Events Competitions

1.1 Registration

In order to be able to take part in a competition, players need to have access to a legal version of the relevant game and an account on the correct client. Players also need a ticket for the event that gives them the right to participate in competitions.

Participants need to register via the online registration form prior to the event. Participants have to confirm their participation with the competition admin 30 minutes prior to the competition. Visitor passes do not allow you to participate in competitions. Participants of the LAN competitions are expected to bring their own working PC, laptop or game console, including the latest version of the game. Instructions for signing up can be found on the relevant competition page. Teams are expected to have the correct amount of players for the competition.

1.2 Names

Players need to always be recognizable by the admins, referees, organization and opponents. Therefore, a player is required to use a nickname (almost) identical to the name that they signed up with. This name has to be used in-game and on discord etc.

1.3 Software

All software has to be up to date. Unless otherwise specified in the game-specific regulations, all games will be played through the event’s servers on the latest patches. When a player cannot join the game and/or server because they did not update/or have the correct software, the game will result in a forfeit-loss. The maximum number of points will be awarded to the opponent.

1.4 Fair play & Sportsmanship

In all situations, players have to behave professionally and sportsmanlike towards others. Misconduct; such as trashtalking, scolding, discrimination and aggression, both within and outside of the game, to others or the crew, will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in sanctions and may lead to disqualification.

1.5 Cheating

Any form of cheating will result in exclusion from all of the competitions. Cheating includes, but is not limited to; bug abusing, use of 3rd-party software and/or hacks (Wall-hack, speed-hack, aimbot, etc.), scripts (E.G bunny hopping script), binds (exceptions are Namebinds, Demo Scripts, Screenshot scripts, Server control scripts, weapon menu scripts and say binds) and changes to the game files (excluding settings changeable in-game). Customizing the GUI is also seen as forbidden and will be punished the same as any other form of cheating.

During the competitions, players are obligated to record demos and take screenshots. This to prevent not being able to prove punishable acts. When there is no match media available the decision will be based on what the competition-admin/referee was able to determine themselves.

1.6 Substitutions

Substitutes are not allowed. Before the competition starts, the team needs to be complete and registered. Changing the line-up isn’t allowed unless otherwise specified by the competition admin. As a player, it is not allowed to play for multiple teams in the same competition.

1.7 Penalties

For small violations, the offender will get a “Caution”. Two “Cautions” equal a warning.

A “caution” will, among others, be handed out when a team is:

  • +5 minutes late for a match
  • makes illegitimate use of a pause
  • behaves unsportsmanlike during streamed games or games on stage


For bigger violations, the offender will get a warning. Two warnings will result in disqualification. A warning will, among others, be handed out when a team is:

  • +10 minutes late for a match
  • knowingly makes illegitimate use of a pause to gain an advantage
  • Disregards decision made by the referee
  • behaves blatantly unsportsmanlike to opponents, visitors or crew


If it is discovered after a match that a team violated one of these rules then the organisation reserves the right to punish a team retroactively, including giving prizes to a different team.

1.8 Time schedules

Each player or team captain needs to be present 15 minutes before the match begins so that games can be created and start at the right time. If a player is not present at the match time, the admin has to be notified. When a player still has not shown up 15 minutes after match time, it will result in a forfeit loss and the maximum score will be assigned to the opponent. Additionally, the team will get a warning. This rule also applies if you are in a match of a different competition; participating in multiple competitions simultaneously is done at your own risk.

1.9 Communication

All communication with the admin will go through Discord and the dedicated tournament pages. Keep a close eye on the competition Discord channel for announcements and/or changes in the competitions. Players always need to be present in the Discord-channel of the games they wish to participate in. If not, this can result in a forfeit loss. 

1.10 Scores

Players can submit the scores themselves in our competition system. When both teams have submitted/confirmed the score, the system will automatically follow up on this. When in doubt you can always talk to an admin to confirm the score for you. In case of a disagreement in regards to the match scores, the match-media will determine the result.

1.11 Disconnects and Server problems

If a player needs to pause due to technical difficulties, the team has to communicate this to the other team. If both teams agree that the game is paused, it’s necessary to inform the tournament admin as well. After this, both teams will wait until the technical difficulties are solved. Pausing without good reason will result in a sanction. If the reconnecting player(s) join the wrong side, it will result in a winning round for the other team. Resuming the game will commence after approval of the tournament admin.

1.12 Sitting locations

If one team can look at the other team’s screens, this should be taken care of by the players before the game starts. Tournament admins and crew of the event are not responsible for this issue.

1.13 Match Media

During the competitions, players are obligated to record demos and take screenshots. This to prevent not being able to prove punishable acts. The organization holds the right to publish these demos and screenshots. When there is no match media available the decision will be based on what the competition-admin/referee was able to determine themselves.

1.14 Streaming

You are allowed to stream your own team’s gameplay. If your stream shows gameplay that is not your own from an ongoing match you will be disqualified. Observing streamers that have made an arrangement with the organization must make sure they stream with a delay of at least 10 minutes and that none of the gameplay from the current match is visible to playing participants.

1.15 Changes to the competition

The organization has reserved the rights to adjust the prizes that were originally assigned to a competition. Admins and organisation members will at all times have the final say on anything regarding the competition. Under extreme circumstances the admins will have the right to change the ruleset. Both admins and organisation have the authority to stop or cancel the competition.

1.16 Spectators

Only admin/referee-approved observers are allowed to spectate a match in-game. Admins have the right to kick unaccepted spectators.

1.17 In-game Chat

During the match the chat will not be used, other than greetings/gg and if connection problems occur. The team chat can be used, if present. 

1.18 Doping

The use of not freely available performance-enhancing drugs is strictly prohibited with the exception of substances required for medical reasons.

1.19 Overtime

Playing a draw during a poule phase is okay, but during brackets it means that you have to play another map. You and your opponent will choose one map. If a player is making a draw on purpose, the admins can disqualify the player. In certain games these rules don’t apply.

1.20 Access and behavior 

You’re not allowed to behave in such a way that you become an inconvenience to players of a competition. The crew reserves the right to ban someone from certain parts of the event.

Last edited 19/02/2020